COMBAT WINTER Skin woes - Skin care Tips

Winter probably tends to turn even the most oily skin dry and flaky. Needless to say, other skin types suffer all the more. Use these tips to beat those skin woes and bring out the radiance.
When the temperature drops and the cool winds blow, our bodies go through a re-adjustment phase which needs support from inside out. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies that on one level acts like a shield preventing our internal organs from falling out and on another level is an excretory organ that releases waste and toxins. These toxins are released through the vital organs of the colon, kidneys, stomach and liver, so right nutrition that nourishes these specific organs is essential.
The skin also shows the health and vibrancy of these organs by its natural hydration, colouration and flexibility. The skin is designed to stretch and also to shrink, its pores to open and close, and sweat to maintain a balanced homeostatis! It also reveals the wellbeing of the body showing how well you are taking care of your diet, exercise and hygiene.
The skin becomes flaky in winter due to a few influential factors. One of the key elements is that the skin is becoming dehydrated very fast before it has time to build up inner moisture and oils that can nourish the skins layers internally.
In very cold countries, people tend to eat a lot of fish as natural fish oils are rich in Omega 3, particularly herrings, salmon, mackerel and eel, which are all very oily. Eating these foods regularly all year round will build up the reserves you need to take you through the winter months and keep your skin high in natural oils, hydrated, supple and glossy. Your hair too will benefit looking healthy and shiny. Olive oil is another highly respected nourishing ingredient that not only keeps your insides slippery clean, but is also an excellent pure body oil to rub into the skin itself. Olive oil has a very similar biological makeup of cells as your own skin and is renowned for its replenishing and healing properties.
In order to shed the dry skin that has built up, begin each day with a dry body brush before you shower to stimulate the lymph and shed the surface dead skin cells. Then exfoliate the whole body using a rich oily body scrub. There are many in the market, but you can make your own using pure olive oil, or coconut or almond oil and mixing in some natural medium-sized granules of sea salt. You can also add a few drops of pure essential oils such as neroli (orange blossom) or sandalwood, or lavender to give an enjoyable aroma to the blend and add a more concentrated essence. Then simply scoop some into the palm of your hand and rub vigorously all over your body and shower off. Your skin is then both exfoliated and moisturised and will feel great all day long. Doing this a few times a week creates miracles for your skin.
As your skin is also eliminating gases released from the colon, it is important to keep your digestion free of congestion as a blocked colon will also dehydrate the skin. Drinking aloe vera juice is known to be very helpful and also great for hydrating the whole body and skin. Products that contain aloe vera, whether skin creams or cleansers, will also help to re-hydrate and Quench a thirsty skin condition. Exfoliation and moisturising are
the two main factors in treating the skin superficially and preventing flaky reactions to the weather. Your face is obviously more sensitive than your body, so too much exfoliation may not be good. However, I recommend using a super-rich night
cream. It is the smart way to feed your skin as when you are sleeping, your body absorbs more of the beneficial ingredients. So before you sleep be sure to cleanse off the day's dust and dirt and apply a generous layer of cream that suits your skin quality. Waking up with soft dewy skin is just lovely and a nice way to greet your face in the morning. Rose water to soothe your eyes and also a light hydrating eye gel or cream prevents dryness around your eyes and makeup will also look much better.
Also, avoid cold drinks as this also tends to create dryness in the body.
Regular exercise will also keep the circulation flowing through you and maintain a good body temperature to activate the sweat glands and boost healthy perspiration for moisture, natural oils and inner heat.

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