Beat the sweat - Worried about excessive sweating and body odor?

Worried about excessive sweating and body odor? we shows the way to stay fresh as a daisy this summer

We are heading towards summers which bring with them colorful light clothes, sunglasses, funky footwear and last but not least, excessive sweating. "Excessive sweating happens mostly during the summers because there is an imbalance in the whole body and it gets hydrated," says dermatologist and head trainer for Skeyndor, Jisha. Sweating is natural but excessive sweating is problematic and embarrassing in the workplace or social gatherings. Now you can control excessive sweating with some simple and easy ways:
Take Care 
Dress carefully: Wear light and comfortable clothes, avoid wearing tight or dark colored clothes. "Wear loose comfortable clothes that are made up of fabric like cotton.
Sprinkle over: 
You can use talcum powder on the problematic areas like underarms and on your private parts to banish excessive sweating and body odor. 
Drink your heart out:
Try to consume a lot of fluid. "Drink plenty of water or any fluid but make sure to cut down the caffeine content, Drink green tea and tomato juice; these will make the sweat glands less active and will help in maintaining the body temperature. "Avoid smoking and alcohol during the summers as this activates the sweat glands," warns jish.
Make it Yourself 
There are a lot of treatments and surgeries like Botox to cure excessive sweating. These treatments are very expensive and can have serious side effects too. Excessive sweating causes a discomfort in your lifestyle; if you suffer from such problem you can try out some easy remedies to control sweating. "You can use some great home remedies to prevent sweating," says jish.
Your first option is right inside your fridge - Vinegar! Mix one tablespoon of vinegar with one tablespoon of honey and consume it an hour before you take your meal. This will help you to control sweating and will maintain your body temperature. "Vinegar is an excellent component to control sweating; you can apply vinegar on your skin, and this will cool down the body temperature," suggests jisha.
Apply lemon juice on your body; the lemon extracts absorb excessive perspiration from the body and keeps the  skin dry. It is ideal for oily skin. You can also drink lemon juice to control sweating.
Cucumber refreshes the body and controls body odor. "Cucumber acts as an excellent toner and it also controls sweating," sums up Deva. Grate the cucumber and apply it all over the face and neck to control the sweat and tone your skin. You can eat raw cucumber also as it cools down the body and maintains the body temperature.
Stress is one of the main reasons of excessive sweating as it promotes hypertension and body odor. Keep stress and anxiety at bay by mediating for 25-30 minutes or practice yoga. These techniques will help you to calm down and will also regulate the sweat glands.
Try out these simple ways and say goodbye to excessive sweating and body odor.

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